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Biedronka 55th in the world ranking


The revenues of the 250 largest retailers in the world increased by nearly 6% in the last financial year. Jeronimo Martins, the owner of the Biedronka chain, remains unrivalled in Poland, at the same time taking the 55th position in the global ranking, according to the report “Global Powers of Retailing 2019” prepared by Deloitte. According to experts, the retail sector has had a good year, but changes in monetary and fiscal policy of many countries will slow down economic growth.

In the past financial year (ending no later than in June 2018), the growth rate of revenues of the largest retailers amounted to 5.7%, which is much more than 4.1% achieved the year before, was stated.

“In a short period of time coincided with a number of positive trends that affected such a result, ie relatively strong global economic growth, low inflation and borrowing costs, mild monetary policy in major markets and rising asset prices and recovery in rather difficult emerging markets “- said the leader of the team for the consumer goods sector, partner at Deloitte Michał Pieprzny.

To be in the Top 250 ranking, the company had to achieve revenues worth at least USD 3.7 billion, slightly more than a year earlier (USD 3.6 billion). This change was partly due to the increased activity in the area of ​​mergers and acquisitions, the opening of new stores (both on local and global markets) and the increase in sales caused by price competitiveness. In total, revenues from retail sales to the 250 largest companies amounted to USD 4.53 trillion, which roughly means USD 18.1 billion per company.

The Deloitte network networks recorded a net profit margin of 2.3%, which is lower than a year before (3.2%). Return on assets was 5%, ie more than 3.3% recorded a year earlier, it was also indicated.

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