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BelGioioso introduces New Snacking Fontina

BelGioioso Cheese, Inc. introduced three new items that meet consumer’s needs for individual sized, portion-controlled snacks. “Following on the heels of our enormously popular Fresh Mozzarella Snacking Cheese, we decided to expand the line to include a Fontina Snacking Cheese”, states Sean Moran, Vice President of Sales.  “At just 70 calories, its mild, buttery flavor truly brings a smile with every bite.” In addition to the Fontina Snacking Cheese, BelGioioso has created a 3-ounce Mini Mascarpone™ cup designed for freshness and convenience and a 5-ounce Mini Ricotta™ single serve cup.

“The Mini Mascarpone and Mini Ricotta are petite sized cups of our all-natural, award-winning cheeses, offering freshness, convenience and portion control for the consumer,” says Sean Moran.  “The cheese is packed with protein and calcium and offers a healthier alternative to traditional snacks.” As with all BelGioioso cheeses, the new offerings are made using traditional Italian cheese making methods.  They are all natural, rBST free, gluten free and contain no gums or fillers. The Mini Mascarpone cups are a perfect size for a healthier spread option, with each serving at nearly half the calories of butter.  The Mini Ricotta cups provide an individual serving of 16 grams of protein and 60% of the daily value in calcium and is packaged for use as a single serve breakfast option with fresh fruit and granola, or as a fresh, creamy dip for vegetables. Each mini portion of the Fontina Snacking Cheese is full of flavor and has only 70 calories. Individual packages are printed with the BelGioioso signature snacking smile logo.

Protein continues to be top of mind for consumers in relation to satiety, weight management and sustained energy with 51% of consumers seeking out protein rich snacks for their daily diets.  With the key drivers of snacking occasions being time, convenience, health, portion control and exploration, BelGioioso new Snacking and Mini protein rich cheeses provide a delicious and flavorful snack choice.  The 70-calorie Fontina Snacking Cheese, contains three cubes, packaged into individual 0.75 oz. packages and available in 6 oz. retail bags packed 10 per case. The 3 oz. Mini Mascarpone cups are packed 18 cups per case, while the 5 oz. Mini Ricotta cups are packed 12 per case.

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