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Beer, Cigarettes and Gasoline to cost more in Russia


cigarThe Russian government continues to “support” their citizens in view of the difficult economic situation in the country. Russians may be faced with an unpleasant surprise – the price of beer, wine and cigarettes. This stems from the new excise tax on certain types of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and gasoline. However, lovers of cognac, brandy, vodka and other alcoholic beverages can sleep, as the excise tax on these in the New Year will remain at the same level.

According to experts, the beer will rise by an average of 2-3 rubles, gasoline by 1-2 rubles, but the jump in the price of cigarettes noticeable – 10-12% (5-15 rubles). Moreover, the rise in price of cigarettes is not the last, in 2017, they will rise again. Note that all this will raise immediately, as many shops sell out last year’s stocks.

Given the fact that over the last two years the Russians have become at least two times poorer, many people wonder why it was impossible to postpone the raising of excise at least a year or two – to stabilize the economy in the country. Rise in the price of beer and cigarettes under the guise of concern for the health, in the current difficult times are seen as injustice by many. If prices rise to the expense of ordinary people to replenish the budget, then there is no word as always, complained a furious social media user.

Meanwhile, experts believe that any such rise in price only increases the presence of illegal products in Russia, as, for example smuggled Russian cigarettes without paying excise duty.

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