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Barnes & Noble will Stop Selling Nook Apps


Barnes & Noble, the largest retail bookseller in the United States announced that it would shut down the Nook stores in UK. This would affect the Nook Video and UK Nook stores. However, the retailer has informed that users who have already purchased apps from the store will still be able to download onto Nook devices. Barnes & Noble created the Nook stores and video to challenge Amazon’s Fire tablet line but didn’t worked out like the company has wanted it to be. The Nook apps were made for use on B&N’s branded Android tablets such as the Nook Color and Nook HD.

But the problem with Nook Color and Nook HD was that both tablets didn’t have access to any other content sources. And the absence of highly south after apps like Facebook also created a problem for the users. Even as Barnes & Noble told  that thousands of titles were available, the curated library of apps and video content was small. The company informs its users that if someone purchases TV shows or movies from the Nook Video store, Nook tablets will no longer play those files after April 30. To keep watching those videos, you will need to migrate the files to the CinemaNow or Disney Movies Anywhere platforms. Barnes & Noble has announced it will send instructions that process to users by April 1.

After March 15, UK Nook store customers will be served by the London-based Sainsbury’s retail company. Barnes and Noble announced it will be sending out instructions for how to transfer UK Nook purchases to the Sainsbury’s account in the coming weeks. If a book cannot be transferred to the Sainsbury’s platform, Barnes & Noble has stated the customer will get a Sainsbury’s Entertainment voucher in the value of the price paid for the title. Barnes & Noble is advising users to “Download any content you wish to retain on your Nook device or your Nook Reading App,” by May 31.

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