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Bakery Schugardt announces bankruptcy

The Pritzerber bakery Schugardt is in serious trouble. Thus, owner Antje Schugardt has applied for the opening of insolvency proceedings for her craft business. The master confectioner alone is no longer able to pay salaries for her employees. In addition to the parent; company in the Pritzerber Puschkinstraße are affected by the bankruptcy, the two Brandenburg branches in the main street and in the Wilhelmsdorfer Strasse (Norma) with a total of 15 employees.

Production and sales at all sites will initially continue. An insolvency administrator is already employed. The lawyer got an overview of the financial situation of the bakery on this Tuesday in Pritzerbe. “Our goal is to continue the business. Under any condition” said the master baker.

In the fiercely competitive baked goods market, the gap between income and spending has finally widened. The rising costs of raw materials, wages, energy and plant equipment are offset by falling sales. Even the over-the-road sales car made less and less cash.

Havelsee Mayor Günter Noack took note of the news of the bakery’s bankruptcy with dismay: “I hope that a solution will be found together with the insolvency administrator to maintain the Pritzerbe location.” Already last year, the Premnitz bakery Wernsdorf had surprisingly also closed its branch in the Pritzerber Kirchstraße.

Source: maz-online

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