‘Awesome Aussie’ festival at LuLu hypermarket, KSA

  The Emirati-based hypermarket chain has launched the weeklong festival about the Australian food “Awesome Aussie” very Saudi capital at LuLu Hypermarket, Atyaf  Mall, Yarmouk.

  This one-week festival includes showcasing many different Australian food products to the Saudi customers to introduce various products from Australian during a week from December 16 until December 22, 2018.

   “LuLu has always been committed tooffering the best selection from across theworld through not only a conducive shopping environment, but also through in-store activities andfood-focused events that offer reasonably priced products. Perfect for the festivities this month, this promotion willmake Australian products a staple on the feasting tables for the holidays.” LuLu Director for KSA Shehim Mohammed said