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Avocado prices on the rise in New Zealand


Avocado prices are escalating in the supermarkets across New Zealand. Despite the adverse climate, the supply is still high to meet the demands. The bad wind season has been pointed out as the major reason for the price hike for the fruit. Many avocado cultivators in Taranaki have complained about the bad season. Many of the country’s supermarkets are selling Avocados for double the price compared to what was in the last year. Prices shot up to A$7 (NZ$7.54) a fruit, with both bushfires and market manipulation being blamed for the shortage of supply.

According to these farmers the current wind is not mild as it was in the past and comes like a hammer to their field. Avocados usually cannot stand this wind and they twist around and break from the stem they are hanging on. Supermarket Countdown, in which Avocado has been on sale for $2.49 a piece, said that it still has fruits to meet the customers demands. Another supermarket Foodstuffs, said its supplies were also robust thanks to its wider network that helps to source the fruit from various parts across the country.


Antoinette Laird, a spokeswoman for Foodstuffs said: “I have been advised that this year is a light year for fruit production, in fact it is the lightest in approximately the last six years.” She also added that it was an off year for the fruit. Prices were also affected by export demand, which had been high this year, she included.


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