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Autonomous vehicles to deliver grocers for DoorDash


After a prior partnership between Kroger and Nuro to offer same-day deliveries using a driver-less car. The self-driving startup Nuro for a grocery delivery service. Now a similar innovation with an Autonomous vehicle to deliver grocers for DoorDash for the online sales.

The company stated that the project will be in a partnership with Cruise Automation. A specialized in developing autonomous vehicles.

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This innovation will be tested in the San Francisco market as a primary step to generalize the service. Cruise Automation has already worked on using these cars in California, Arizona, and Michigan.

Cruise Automation stated on their site: ” Our driverless cars are on the road in California, Arizona, and Michigan navigating some of the most challenging and unpredictable driving environments. We look forward to introducing this amazing technology to more communities soon”.

DoorDash stated on their blog: ” We’re kicking off our pilot in San Francisco, a complex and intricate city where Cruise has been testing vehicles for the past three years. To begin, we’ve built a runner system to move orders from the merchant to the autonomous vehicle. Then, the customer will be notified when the autonomous vehicle is approaching the customer address. “

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