The test sales of halal certified meat for Muslims in Austrain supermarket Spar ended after the customers started complaining through social media websites Facebook and Twitter. This was followed by dissatisfaction from the company employees itself.

Company spokeswoman Nicole Berkmann said that the decision to stop offering halal meat was made following the intense criticism from its customers.  The company later said that Spar products are derived from animals that have been stunned prior to slaughter. “Halal” is a word from the Arabic language that translates to “allowed” or “permitted”.

Halal is meat from butchered animals for religious Muslims. The animals are not stunned before slaughter rule. In Austria, however, the Islamic religious community also accepts meat from animals that have been stunned prior to slaughter. The supermarket spokesperson asserted that the company will stay as a local supplier for all population groups in Austria. The company said it was sad and shocked at the tone of the discussions.

The supermarket reasserted that the company always used halal meat from animals that was stunned before the slaughter. The only difference from other kind of slaughter was a prayer that was spoken during slaughtering.


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