Austrian startup introduces premium lactose-free chocolate range

An Austrian startup company has launched lactose-free chocolate range from buffalo milk, which according to the makers is one of the first premium products for the sub-segment. Ruben’s Chocolate, the Austrian startup, in collaboration with camel milk chocolate manufactures Al Nassma has created a lactose-free chocolate range called Augusto and is looking to secure supermarket listing.

Augusto comes in two different flavors- wholemilk and almonds & bergamot. An 80gm chocolate bar is priced at €2.99. The makers said that the buffalo milk used to make the chocolates was sourced forced from Southern Italy. It is then dried into milk powder in Austria which is later send to Swizz manufactures who produces the finished chocolate.

Since buffalo milk has around 10 percent of milk fat, they need not have to add additional fat, which makes these chocolates more healthy and creamy. The chocolates contain cocoa butter as well. According to the makers it took more than five years of research in creating the finished product.

Every 100gms of Ruben’s chocolate contains about 579 calories which is slightly above the industry standards. But the makers claim it to be good fat and safe for People allergetic to cow milk.  The company also plans to expand its business to UK and USA where Italian products are usually greeted well. Ruben’s has three products in its lactose-free chocolate range which retails for around €2.99-€3.49 price range.

Majority of the supermarket chains have private label lactose-free chocolate brands but there are very few premium lactose-free chocolates. This has called for coming up with a premium product in the completely saturated market, the company said.

According to a study published in 2001 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, around 80 percent of Central Asians and almost all of the East Asian population are intolerant towards lactose. This also might have propelled the company’s decision to bank on lactose-free chocolate products.