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Auchan will test Electro Depot and Baker corners in October


Given the difficult situation of Auchan on the non-food, the possibility of forming partnerships was put on the table by Edgard Bonte. In March, the boss of Auchan Retail had thus mentioned the establishment of corners with specialized companies of the Association Familiale Mulliez. This project is becoming clearer, as identified by our colleagues Linear, with two test stores that were presented to the unions. From October, the hypermarket of Beauvais (Oise) will offer a corner in partnership with Boulanger within its sales area, while the hypermarket of Bagnolet (Seine Saint Denis) will host an Electro Dépôt corner. According to a union document that LSA was able to consult, these tests should last about 6 months, “with a change of status for sales advisers and a possible return if the test is inconclusive”. Auchan announced that five French hypermarkets could test such partnerships in the second half of the year, leaving the door open “to the specialized non-food leaders of the Mulliez Family Association”. “The partnerships are open, with AFM brands but not only, what has been lacking at Auchan Retail is openness,” said Edgard Bonte a few months ago. “We will test partnerships, and concede some non-food businesses on which specialized supermarkets are more relevant”.

One can imagine that signs like Decathlon, Norauto or Kiabi will certainly have a card to play in other hypermarkets. Auchan, who has confirmed the project of corners in the stores of Beauvais and Bagnolet, believes that these steps are intended “to revitalize its business and offer a non-food offer more powerful and more in line with the expectations of its customers.” In the consumer appliance and consumer electronics market, which has been falling for a long time (-1.5% in 2018) in supermarkets, the retailer indicates that it has lost in ten years “half of its turnover. business in this market segment, without generating any earnings growth “. Auchan is not the only sign to agree to subcontract its electronics or appliance departments to external partners, Carrefour being in the same approach with Darty corners, and soon Fnac corners.


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