This is a concept that already has been developed in China with more than 750 stores. The name of the format is “Auchan minute”, The principle of the store is to shops without cashiers or sellers. From March 2019, it will be launched in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. Still in the testing phase and initially only for employees of Auchan. Customers, as soon as they are equipped with a smartphone, will be able to do their shopping without ever seeing an employee.

Thanks to their phones on which they will scan the self-service products on containers of 18m2 to be identified, they will be able to validate and pay online their virtual basket. Remote advisers will be available, by screens interposed. The employees in charge of supplying the containers will be the only physical persons that one could cross in this store of the future. But will not be there constantly.

Many workers see this technology as a factor of the end of human employment in this domain, and it is the truth since many retailers moved to find Alternative employments that can work 24/7 and costs less than human labour.

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