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Auchan used plastic pallets instead of wood pallets


Auchan opted for Smart-Flow pallets. Weighing 10 kg, they have a honeycomb structure that prevents dust deposits and facilitates washing. The distributor, which had been on average 26 rotations, finally counted 36 rotations for its plastic pallets against 7 to 8 for the European pallets.

All pallets are stamped with an Auchan logistic marking, which makes it easier to identify them as part of the return logistics. The distributor also uses in-store packaging to add value to products.

To reduce the risk of accidents at work and to improve the working conditions of the 300 handlers in its warehouses in the Greater West, totaling 70,000 m²: these are the reasons that motivated Auchan Retail France to abandon wooden pallets for plastic pallets. The distributor, which includes the brands Auchan, Auchan supermarkets, My Auchan and Auchan Drive and Direct has invested in a fleet of 25,000 pallets.

“When using wooden pallets, our operators were injured regularly by handling them, because of splinters and nails, or they had back pain from carrying heavy loads. The weight of a wood pallet varies from 22.5 to 27 kg. It was therefore necessary to find an alternative solution to overcome these problems. “Indicates Marc Lahousse, West Region Director at Auchan according to “Emballages Magazine”. And added: “Initially we had thought to use an automatic unstacker for pallets. A solution applicable in warehouse, but not in store, with the risk of creating bottlenecks and the obligation to return to manual handling in case of failure. “

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