The introduction of this new concept in France, a first in Europe, is consistent with the Auchan strategy aimed at getting closer to the inhabitants of its trading areas and taking their needs into account more effectively.From 14 December 2012 on, Auchan’s customers will be able to discover the Quirky products for first time in exclusivity in France. Unique in their design, function and history, these products were designed to provide solutions for small everyday problems. They are the result of an original development process that brings together both professional teams of engineers and designers and customers-inventors from all over the world, all members of the Quirky community.

Founded in 2009 in New York by Ben Kaufman, today Quirky enables over 300,000 individual contributors and inventors to meet up and create via an online social network. Thanks to this community, everyone can become an inventor by proposing their idea for $10. The members can vote to support their favourite ideas or to improve them, and then the Quirky team selects the best ideas. The company only needs 100 days to transform an idea from a simple drawing into a final product. All the profits are shared with thousands of people around the world who have contributed to making each invention into a real product.

Auchan has chosen to import the Quirky products that have proved their usefulness in the United States in order to offer its customers everyday products that are genuinely innovative and attractive. But creativity is the key reason for the launch of Quirky. It is not only the Quirky brand name and range of products that Auchan is bringing to France, but also its concept which revolutionizes the process of inventing, designing and putting on the market a consumer product by encouraging customers to propose their ideas spontaneously.

By offering its customers 100,000 free copyrights to their ideas, and by accompanying them in French via, Auchan will encourage them to become inventors in their own right. The goal is to propose in its stores a range of products that have been imagined, created, designed and improved by consumers, products that did not previously exist but which will meet the tastes and needs of French people.

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