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Auchan Chevilly closes for good


It was known that he had to lower the curtain, but the lease ran until the end of June. The Auchan store has definitely closed this Saturday to the surprise of many customers.

The supermarket definitely closed at the beginning of the afternoon. The end of the lease was originally scheduled for late June, but the sign has anticipated that the room should be stored and cleaned before the return of the keys. Chevilly was one of twenty and closed sites in France “lack of profitability”.

The mayor of the city wants to be reassuring: “If we have not managed to postpone the closing date with our petition of 2,600 signatures, it has at least had the merit of mobilizing the signs. Two are interested in which one is in the phase of signature, advance the city council. Now, the sooner Auchan leaves, the sooner a new one will be able to settle down.”

There was a sign [featured image] indicated that the store will remain open until June 8th and that Auchan is sorry for any discomfort that the closure caused to its customers.


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