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Auchan announces the closure of “Les Halles” at Meaux


The Auchan group has decided to close its store located in Meaux, La Verrière. A blow to the staff and an incomprehensible decision for Jean-François Cope.

On Friday, April 12, 2019,some Auchan group delegates announced that the Verrière store will definitely close its doors next September. This decision, which comes from the national management, is justified by the bad results of the store for several years. But for some workers, “this is only the consequence of years of abandonment by the management towards this store, while its direct neighbours, Leclerc and Lidl, they have developed and modernized.”

The mayor of Meaux and president of the agglomeration community of the Pays de Meaux does not understand this decision, while the Pays de Meaux has facilitated the installation of Auchan group at the shopping centre of Saisons de Meaux. “Today, Auchan puts us in front of the fait accompli. The future of employees is the least of its worries “conclude the workers.


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