Asda worst performer with only 8% British gammons on sale, says NPA


Asda received a great deal of criticism from National Pig Association (NPA) after the supermarket giant reportedly stocked very little amount of British gammons for sale this Christmas. NAP named Asda the worst performer as its stocked only 8% British gammons in its gammon shelves.

The NPA criticism comes after the end of its Gammon Watch project, amid which members reviewed 150 stores in 68 towns and urban communities, checking gammon stocks to see which were British-based and which weren’t. NPA director Richard Lister said NAP was aware of the high road rivalry, however the association expected Asda to take on its rival discounter by showcasing a sensible amount of British gammons.

There is a glut of pork in the European market now, and the strength of currency makes it accessible at an attractive price tag. Lister added that the retailers should support the British pig farmers at a time when selling pigs are becoming less profitable. British pig farmers supplies quality-assured, traceable, high-welfare product throughout 52 weeks an year. Retailers ought to make an effort to support these farmers to get the fresh pigs to their doorsteps.

NPA CEO Dr Zoe Davies included that while no one was asks all British grocery stores to stock 100% British gammons, there were a lot of British pork legs accessible. She trusted the poor performing retail companies would be more supportive in times to come.

NPA urged the supermarkets to change the equalization quickly, by trying to bolster British makers over all pork classifications. Completing on a more positive note, NPA presumed that its grocery store surveyors had discovered excellent backing for British gammons by Waitrose, M&S and the Co-operation, all offering 100% British gammons, and at competitive costs.