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Asda tiger bread named after grandma

‘Audrey’s Tiger Bread’ named after loyal 85-year-old customer, Audrey Bond, who has been giving tips and hints to Asda bakers for years on how to improve the product. Audrey captured the hearts of customers after her story hit social media, with fans of the nan urging Asda to honour her. Recognising her keen eye for baking, the leading retailer has invited Audrey to give her stamp of approval on future products.

An 85-year-old Asda customer has had her favourite product named in her honour – ‘Audrey’s Tiger Bread’ – after she gave tips to her local baker, and now close friend, at the Asda Barking store. The loveable nan captured the hearts of Asda customers when her story was shared on social media, with people urging Asda to honour her.

Audrey Bond has helped baker Gary Gordon to improve his bakery teams’ Tiger Chest Bread over the last few years and thanks to her invaluable tips and advice, they have mastered ”perfect” in-store baked bread.

The keen home baker and grandmother of two spotted that some of the bread would come out of the ovens shaped more like a big kidney bean, whilst some loaves would have a parting in the middle. Audrey taught the Barking bakery team how to improve their loaves and believes they are now “as good as they possibly can be”.

Audrey gets the bus to the store pretty much every day of the week without fail and brings in her home-baked goodies for Gary and the team, with the favourite being her banana and walnut cake, which Gary says is “just the best”.

In recognition of her pivotal role in helping Gary and his team improve their products, Audrey has been invited to form part of the Asda Tasting Panel. She has given her seal of approval across the retailer’s bakery selection, including breads and cakes, selecting her favourites from the range and ensuring products meet her high standards. Some of her stand out lines are Extra Special Olive Bread which she says is “delicious” and the in-store baked lemon muffins.

Audrey said: “I can’t believe Asda have renamed their tiger bread after me – it’s such a shock! I’m looking forward to sharing the news with my son who lives in Cyprus and sending him a loaf of Audrey’s Tiger Bread. I get people stopping me on the bus on the way to Asda or saying hello to me in the store after they saw me with Gary online, it really makes my day.”.

An Asda spokesperson said: “Our colleagues often go the extra mile for customers, but on this occasion Audrey has helped us to improve our products and we can’t thank her enough. As a loyal customer and passionate baker, we were delighted to put Audrey’s name on the side of our Tiger Bread. We think we have found our very own Queen of Baking.”

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