Asda recalls cheese sauce mix


Asda has recalled some of its Cheese Sauce Mix from its stores as it contains a curry sauce blend. The 78p 160g pots flopped to specify the content of mustard and wheat. People with a sensitivity or gluten bigotry are cautioned not to eat the sauce but rather return it to the grocery store for a cash back.

The affected item have a “best before” end date of November 2016 and bunch codes 5309 and 5310. The Food Standards Agency said: “The item contains mustard and wheat, making it a conceivable wellbeing danger for anybody with a hypersensitivity to mustard and/or wheat or a prejudice to gluten.

“In the event that you have purchased the above item and have a sensitivity to mustard and/or wheat or a prejudice to gluten, don’t eat it. “Rather, give back the item to the Asda store from where it was purchased for a full discount or contact Asda Customer Relations on 0800 952 0101.

“Asda has pulled back the item from deal and has reached the important sensitivity bolster associations, which will inform their individuals concerning the withdrawal.

“Purpose of-offer notification will be shown in stores. ” Asda apologized to customers and said: “It has been conveyed to our consideration that a little number of our Asda Cheese Sauce Mix, group codes 5309 and 5310, and with a best before date of November 2016 contains curry sauce blend. “This off base name does not pronounce the item contains Mustard and Wheat.

“On the off chance that you have bought Asda Cheese Sauce Mix Batch 5309 or 5310 BB November 2016 please take it back to your closest store where you will be given a full discount. “You needn’t bother with your receipt. “We are extremely sad for any impairment brought about.”