Asda recalls batches of its major beer since containers might break when opened. Walmart owned supermarket chain has issued a review notice for Biere De Luxe. The recall notices will be shown in stores offering these items. The notification discloses to clients why the item is being reviewed and lets them know what moves to make in the event that they have purchased the item.

The review influences Biere De Luxe beers for the following dates: October 2016 – all cluster codes comprehensive of all batch codes. November 2016 – all batch codes comprehensive of all batch codes. December 2016 – all batch codes EXCEPT 363.

The notification says that a smaller number of ASDA Biere de Luxe (1 0 x 250ml) jugs might break while being opened, hence are being withdrawn from sale.  As a preliminary measure the company has chosen to review the influenced items it included. No other date codes or batches are influenced by this review, it said. Those who have purchased the beer are encouraged to return unopened jugs to the store from where they were purchased for a full discount. A receipt is not required.

The Food Standards Agency issues Product Withdrawal Information Notices and Product Recall Information Notices to let purchasers and authorities to think about issues connected with food.

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