Asda launches it’s biggest ever rollback and brings basketloads of lower prices to customers

As customers feel the January squeeze Asda launches its biggest ever investment in lowering prices.
Retailer announces it will invest £300m in the first quarter of 2015 on reducing prices across thousands of customer favourites including weekly essentials and big brands.
Price cuts form part of supermarket’s five-year strategy to invest £1 billion in price and £250 million in quality.
Asda has announced it will invest £300m in price cuts in the first quarter of 2015 – its biggest ever single price investment – to help customers in the new year.

The retailer, which is known for its commitment to driving down prices, is lowering the price of 2,500 household favourites in the Biggest Ever Rollback, further widening its price gap to the other big retailers and positioning Asda price even closer to the discounters.

The move forms part of Asda’s five-year strategy to invest £1bn in lowering prices and £250m in quality as it cements its position as redefining value retailing, and focusses on basket essentials like fruit, vegetables, cereals, nappies, loo roll, milk, eggs, meat and fish – as well as big brands.

Barry Williams, Chief Merchandising Officer for Food at Asda said: “After a great Christmas with the family, January is the month we all start looking at the size of our waists and our wallets.

“We invest in price year round but we’re kicking off January with our Biggest Ever Rollback – spending £300m to bring more value across our stores and online on the products customers buy week in, week out. We’re going further than ever before, rolling back those every day, can’t live without items at a bigger percentage than we’ve ever been able to do previously.

“With hundreds of products at 50p, and even more at 15% less than normal, we’re aiming to make a big difference for families in their weekly shop.”

More than 150 cleaning products are also rolled back as shoppers clean up after Christmas and try to get their house back to normal. Products like Dettol antibacterial wipes will be rolled back to £1, Fairy washing up liquid to £1 and Bold Liquitabs to £3 from £6.

Item (Examples) Was Now Start date End date
Cucumber, half £0.35 £0.30 3rd Jan 2015 28th March 2015
Asda Free Range Eggs, six pack £1.25 £0.89 1st Jan 2015 Ongoing
Beef mince, 750g £6.08 £5.16 30th Dec 2014 28th Jan 2015
Russet Apples, 750g £1.25 £1 3rd Jan 2015 28th March 2015
Granary Farmhouse bread, 400g £0.80 £0.50 3rd Jan 2015 29th March 2015
Douwe Egbert’s Coffee £4.99 £2.47 1st Jan 2015 21st Jan 2015
Kelloggs Crunchy Nut £3.14 £1.64 1st Jan 2015 21st Jan 2015
Plenty 6 roll £6.98 £3.98 1st Jan 2015 31st March 2015
Anchor spreadable £3.25 £1.94 1st Jan 2015 14th Jan 2015
Napolina choppped tomatoes, four pack £3.00 £1.87 1st Jan 2015 21st Jan 2014
Birds Eye Fish Fingers £4.24 £2.77 1st Jan 2015 29th March 2015