Asda gives drivers a pre-festive boost with petrol price cuts

Asda gives drivers a pre-festive boost with petrol price cuts
Asda cuts up to 2ppl off unleaded petrol and up to 2ppl off diesel from Saturday 29 November
Asda’s new National Price Cap means drives will pay no more than 117.7ppl on unleaded and 121.7ppl on diesel across the country
Seventh cut in 2 months has taken 9ppl off unleaded and 8ppl off diesel since end of September led by fall in oil prices
With oil prices falling following yesterday’s OPEC meeting, Asda is the first supermarket to pass this saving on to its shoppers from tomorrow morning (Saturday 29th November), announcing it will cut up to 2ppl off unleaded petrol and up to 2ppl off diesel.

This takes its National Price cap on unleaded to 117.7ppl and 121.7ppl on diesel.

This is great news for motorists who will see lower prices extended to Asda forecourts to mark the start of the festive season.

Asda has led the way in fuel price cuts as soon as oil prices have come down, and over the past two months the price of unleaded and diesel purchased from the supermarket has fallen by 9ppl and 8ppl respectively, putting much needed cash back in motorists’ pockets.

How Asda’s National Price cap has fallen in the past two months:

Date Unleaded Diesel
Sunday 28th September 126.7p 129.7p
Tuesday 30th September 124.7p 128.7p
Tuesday 14th October 123.7p 126.7p
Friday 17th October 122.7p 126.7p
Tuesday 28th October 120.7p 124.7p
Friday 7th November 119.7p 123.7p
Friday 7th November 117.7p 121.7p
Drivers filling up at any of Asda’s 245 forecourts nationwide will benefit from the retailer’s new national price cap on diesel and unleaded, meaning motorists will pay no more than 117.7 pence per litre on unleaded and 121.7 pence per litre for diesel.

Andy Peake, Asda’s Petrol Trading Director said: “Asda continues to lead the way on petrol price cuts as we know how important it is to pass savings back into motorists’ pockets as soon as oil prices fall. No matter where customers live, they will benefit from the same fuel price with our national price cap of 117.7ppl for unleaded and 121.7ppl for diesel”.

Whilst other supermarkets will follow the fuel drop, Asda is the only retailer that has a national price cap on fuel, ensuring every single one of our customers knows the maximum price they will pay at the pump regardless of where they live.