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Asda faces £100m pay fight from Female workers after tribunal ruling


Thousands of female workers are lodging claims, mostly paid on hour basis for in-store work way back from 2002, complains that they received much less than their male counterparts despite doing work of equal value. Leigh Day, which is a representation of 7000 women told that the employment tribunal ruling in Manchester meant its class action. Most of the male workers worked in distribution depots.

Lauren Lougheed, a prosecutor representing the women told that the retailer tried to argue because the distribution depots and the stores were in different areas enabling them to have different pay arrangements and to pay the male workers what they like. The employment tribunal found that the retailer is claimed to be an equal opportunity employer and they could have make sure that the pay-outs should be equal irrespective of the sexes.

Asda responded that the decision by the employment tribunal does not determine the eventual outcome of the case. And it relates to a technical preliminary issue of whether jobs in different terrains can be compared. The retailer spokesperson added that they continue to strongly defend the claims being made against them and they firmly believe that the demands of the jobs are particularly different and they considering their options for appeal. He added that pay rates in stores differ from pay rates in distribution depots for legitimate reasons whereas men and women doing the same job in their retail stores are paid the same.

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