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Asda becomes first major supermarket to sell Halal cosmetic products

Asda has announced that it will start selling Halal cosmetics through its 54 stores across the UK from May, making the retailer the first major supermarket chain in the country to stock halal cosmetic products. Halal cosmetics including skincare and cleansing products created by entrepreneur Salma Chaudhry under the brand Halalcosco will be launched exclusively in Asda stores. These products will also be available online through Asda’s websites.

As a part of the launch, the company will also introduce a limited edition gift range ahead of Eid in June. This includes cosmetic products for both men and women. The details of the stores that sell halal products could be found on the cosmetic company’s website

Salma Chaudhry, the owner of Halalcosco was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year at the Fusion Awards in 2013. She said that Halal cosmetic industry is fast growing market with huge demands from new generation Muslims who wants to have a modern lifestyle without compromising their beliefs.

The company, launched in 2014, has been exporting cosmetic products to Middle East and South East Asia is now thinking about expanding its operation in the European soil – thanks to the awareness among modern Muslims between halal cosmetics and normal brands, she added.

Halal cosmetics were sold through independent retails in the UK until now. It is the first time that a major supermarket chain is stocking halal cosmetic products. Unlike other brands, Halalcosco focused on the export market before exploring domestic market and has been successful with their tactics. According to Salma Chaudhry these “Made in Britain” cosmetic products have great fan following in Muslim populous areas including UAE, Saudi and Malaysia.

She also added that they are planning to launch colour cosmetics and men’s skincare range later this year. Salma commended Asda’s decision to stock its products by saying that it will make the products accessible to more customers.

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