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Arla launches fat free milk that tastes like semi-skimmed



Arla UK has unveiled a new milk item called ‘Best of Both’ (Arla BOB) – a fat free milk with tastes similar to semi-skimmed, and which is packaged with a particular yellow top. Arla BOB is now available in 1L (RSP £1) and 2L (RSP £1.50) packs. The cooperative said it has put in three years building up the innovation to produce Arla BOB, and anticipates that the product would revamp the milk industry. The procedure includes collecting a portion of the normally occuring protein in milk and adding more of it again into skimmed milk to convey a taste and composition that is on a par with semi-skimmed and without fat. Moreover, with Arla’s PurFiltre process, it likewise stays longer in the refrigerator.

The dispatch is being supported by a £7m marketing campaign intended to report the item with blasts of “yellow” over all shopper touch points. According to studies conducted on behalf of Arla, 49% of semi-skimmed purchasers say they would purchase skimmed milk yet don’t like for the texture and 33% would purchase skimmed yet don’t like the taste. Sarah Baldwin, Vice President of Marketing for Arla Foods UK, remarks that this was the best time for the company to launch something spearheading and Arla Best of Both is one of the biggest developments they have made in the milk Industry.

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