A former dairy site is turning into a mixed development area such as houses, business facilities and a tea room instead of going into disrepair. A development plan has been submitted for Hatfield Peverel in this regard which outlines how the village outlook should be in 2033. A steering committee was formed to introduce the neighbourhood plan and to consult with the residents to gather their opinion. Its report states that the parish supports the development of the Arla site and will be part of the construction process  around and in future use of the site in order to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved for the village in the upcoming development.

The site can be changed into affordable housing, retirement apartments or starter homes, micro business units, garages, workshops, offices, a work hub, gym facilities, nursery facilities and a café. In short, it can be changed into a comprehensive development area. Compared to other sites this site has less impact due to the construction process which is very undesirable. The present dairy site has been closed in last July and the residents don’t want it to go uncared and into disrepair.

Leslie Priestly, parish councillor told that they are in touch with Arla’s planning team and are hoping to achieve some sort of comprehensive development for the accommodation and employment for young people. He added that they are sad to lose a familiar employer but hopes something of much positive effect comes out of it.

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