3e20611dee2599672ab73cba7f25ff91It is of the size of an A5 book, handy, rectangular, and flat and will perfectly fit in a carry case or a backpack among other books. Call this Aqua book; one among many trending Kickstarter water bottle projects. Aqua book essentially looks like a book. But carries almost 25 ounces of liquid for anyone who likes to stay hydrated.

David Ziegler and Felix Durst are the inventors of the Aquabook idea on Kickstarter. A pledge of €20 ($22USD) will put you in the chances of getting one by February 2016. The
The Aquabook is made of without BPA-free plastic and comes in 5 hues, and comes with cleaning stubs and brushes to ward off microorganisms.

Round and hollow water bottles will take an entire pack of room and leave void, wasteful spaces in your sack. Also the ungainly shape and size of these bottles make them badly arranged or forgettable. For this issue, they’ve devised an imaginative arrangement: a water bottle with the look and feel of a book or tablet. Furthermore, this Kickstarter water bottle allows you to include a photograph or a most loved quote to make it your own.

Having said, the Aqua book is not the only water bottle innovation in kickstarter.  Hope fuse is another noteworthy mention. If you are someone who loves flavored drink but hates disposable casing, then Hope fuse is for you. From basic citrus to outlandish ginger — utilizing a water infuser, Hope fuse will bring all all the taste without the waste.

What you will have to do with Hope fuse is unscrew the base cover, put your fruits, veggies and herbs into the infuser, pour in your water, and infuse it. Vola! the flavored drink is ready.
HopFuse can season more than water. It accompanies four flavor mixes — Belgian, IPA, pale beer and heavy — to kick you off. It’ll mix your most loved tea, as well!

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