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Apple watch selling for a discounted price of US $ 100



Apple Watch now costs US $ 100 less in selected American stores, like Best Buy, B & H, and Target. 38mm Sport model now costs $ 249 and 42mm version for costs $ 299. Despite massive discount, according to industry experts, the Apple Watch 2 would not be available any sooner.  Apple is looking to capture market share using their first smart watch instead. Apple Watch (at least the Sport version) is now available at Walmart and also discounted before the holiday.

If you buy an Apple Watch today, chances are that you’ll buy another one in a few years. And the product life cycle of Apple Watch has just begun. There is a long road ahead full of updates, late adopters and better margins. Even more importantly, Apple Watch only works with the iPhone. Sell ​ing​more Apple Watches is a way to increase brand loyalty. When it’s time to upgrade to a new phone, Apple Watch users will buy a new iPhone since it works with Apple Watch.

Best Buy, Target and other stores have started selling discount a few days before Valentine’s Day. Apple Watch became a good gift, and it is clear that Apple is also taking advantage of it. It is interesting to see that Apple does not give discounts on Apple Watch in their own stores. Instead, the company relies on third-party store for this discount, keeping watch on its original price point in the Apple Store. It all comes down to perception. Apple wants to keep the premium perception about the brand and especially around this product. In addition Sport variant, Apple Watch is a luxury item.

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