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Antarctica’s silk-screened bottles come back to the market in a commemorative edition of the samba centenary

Rio de Janeiro arrives in Rio de Janeiro with the new edition of BOA silk-screened bottles to celebrate the 100 years of samba, with phrases that honor the rhythm and its relationship with Rio de Janeiro. The printing of the prints on the long necks bottles of 355 ml of Antarctica is done by the process of screen printing in which, after the ink is applied, the objects are heated so that the pigmentation becomes part of them, without relief.

“This year we celebrate the 100 years of samba in many ways. In BOA’s Cabinet, in the re-presentation of the Samba Club and BOA’s Batuque, which was a great cultural turn inspired by the rhythm in Rio de Janeiro. Long necks are the perfect way to end this year, perpetuating our passion for samba in our product and enabling our customers to collect them, giving even more value to the bottles, “commented Bruna Buás, Marketing Director of Antarctica. The bottles of BOA in honor of samba are already available at the points of sale. The project is designed by BFerraz.

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