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Ambrosia introduces premium frozen custard products



Premier Foods plc has announced the launch of UK’s first frozen custard brand. Premier, as a part of expanding its Ambrosia brand will launch two new product lines. The company said its new range of frozen aisle and the “premium” ambient fixture will be sold under the brand Ambrosia. The brand director of Ambrosia, Grace Liljemark said that Ambrosia is one of those brands that shoppers love and trust and has a 31.5% share in the desserts market place. She added that the new product lineup has been built on the legacy and heritage of the brand and expects them to bring more value to the desserts segment.

The new frozen custard products would also mean the company’s entry into ice cream market. The newly introduced desserts consists of four different flavours: vanilla, vanilla with strawberry marble, vanilla with chocolate swirl and chunky fudge. The ice-cream industry has the second biggest share of the total GBP856m desserts category. Interestingly, the premium ice cream accounts for a third of this value. The company said they were very optimistic about the newly released products.


Ambrosia Frozen Custard will be available via UK grocers in 850ml tubs, with an MSSP of GBP3.75. Ambrosia also plans to roll out a new premium product line, that it calls Ambrosia Deluxe. It will be available in “exciting” flavours, including vanilla with clotted cream, vanilla with creamy toffee and vanilla with salted caramel. These deluxe custards would have the same self life as any normal custards in the grocery shelves. The range will have an MSSP of GBP0.75, GBP1.29, and GBP1.39 depending on the can sizes.

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