In plain words Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lost $6 billion in one day.

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos lost $6 billion in one day

File photo of Amazon CEO Bezos holding up the new Kindle Fire HD 7" and Kindle Fire HD 8.9" during Amazon's Kindle Fire event in Santa Monica

E-trade giant Amazon missed both its estimated profit per share and income benchmarks, which brought on its stock to take a serious crash and it tumbled from just over $631 a share to under $578 in the previous 24 hours, Business Insider reports. In plain words Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lost $6 billion in one day.

Concerning Bezos $6 billion loss, innovation expert and senior overseeing supervisor at CNET, Kent German, said:  “Despite Amazon reporting its third straight quarter of profits and record sales, the company missed analyst expectations by a wide mark,” German explained. “It continues to expand in new areas like cloud services, streaming entertainment and hardware, but the growing number of Amazon Prime users are presenting the company with a fulfillment problem. It hasn’t been able to recover the shipping costs it’s incurring to meet its promise of free delivery to Prime customers.”

Jeff Bezos, who claims about 84 million shares of Amazon Stock, saw his total assets fall in a brief timeframe, and, in only 30 minutes, he lost $800 million on Thursday. As per Forbes magazine, he likewise lost his positioning as the fourth wealthiest individual on the planet to Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican business leader, financial specialist and philanthropist. Despite the fact that Amazon reported a profit of $1 per share, investigators expected a normal profit of $1.56. After hearing this, the organization’s stock immediately dropped and it tumbled to a low of $545.97 from its closing share price of $635.55 per share.

In 2013, Amazon’s U.S. deals came to $44 billion, which put it in the main 10 U.S. retailers. By report from The Associated Press, a year ago Amazon surpassed the world’s biggest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., in market value.