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Amazon to implement Go Technology at stores

Amazon is negotiating to bring its employeeless store technology to other retailers such as airport stores and movie theatres, the information comes from the CNBC website. The concept store, named after Amazon Go, allows users to scan their phones, pick up the products they want, and be charged for an app without the need for human intervention.

This negotiation would help Amazon increase its retail presence so the company could lessen its reliance on its online store sales. The idea is to do this without having to build their own establishments. At the same time, this practice can help Amazon build links with companies that normally consider it a competitor.

According to CNBC sources, the company’s dealings focus on OTG’s CIBO Express stores at airports and Cineworld cinemas. In addition, it was reported that Amazon has plans to extend this type of business to selling products at baseball stadiums.

The company’s idea is to start installing the technology and get it up and running in the first quarter of 2020 and have hundreds of stores up and running by the end of the same year. Amazon still expects some store upgrades to take just two weeks.

The company is considering charging a percentage for every sale made in stores equipped with Go technology. Another idea is to charge a monthly fee to retailers. It is not yet clear whether the Amazon name will be visible somewhere in these stores or what app customers would use to process their purchases.

Source: CNBC

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