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Winds contrary for Amazon. Employees from seven German sites of the world’s No. 1 e-commerce were on strike Monday at the call of their main union, to demand an improvement in their working conditions during the days of super promotions “Prime Day”. This strike against “the promos on the back of wages” on Monday morning the two distribution centres in Bad Hersfeld, the centre of the country, as well as the sites of Leipzig, Graben, Rheinberg, Werne and Koblenz.

In the United States, employees at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota have also announced they want to take advantage of these days of super promos to put forward their demands by striking for six hours at the start of the event. “Amazon offers these rebates to customers at the expense of the salaries of its own employees and by fleeing collective bargaining,” Orhan Akman told AFP from the Verdi trade union, the largest German trade union in the tertiary sector.

“We expect a good turnout,” he added, without further clarification at this stage. Last July, for a similar action, 2,400 employees of Amazon Germany had stopped working. The management of Amazon Germany had indicated upstream do not foresee any disruption in its deliveries of orders. In April, Amazon union representatives from 15 countries met for the first time in Berlin to coordinate their fight against the American giant, decried on the social level around the world.

In addition to the rates deemed too fast, the monitoring of employees through contested methods of “tracking” or the elimination of breaks, Amazon Logistics employees deplore their low wages and demand collective agreements or a more peaceful social dialogue.

In Germany, Amazon employees start with a salary of at least 10.78 euros gross per hour. After 24 months, the average gross salary is 2,397 euros per month, according to management figures.


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