Amazon is taking off a good amount of hover boards from sale after multiple incidents of these self-balancing bikes reportedly catches fire. Some of the boards have been removed from the website and the online retailer has asked manufactures to check their items. Swagway, a main maker of the boards, has said Amazon conveyed a notification to those selling hoverboards where it requesting that they “provide documentation” demonstrating their security principles.

Swagway said in an announcement that the company meets every one of those security standards. It additionally hoped that Amazon would find a way to get rid of the low quality boards. As celebrities have promoted many of these self-balancing bikes makers around the globe and these makers have produced a large number of the gadgets – with changing quality levels – and the move from Amazon comes as a headache for many well known makers.

The Best Reviews site was one of the first to notice Amazon uprooting hoverboards: the audits site presented a message on guests saying each of the five it had looked into were not accessible on the web. In spite of the hoverboards being unlawful to use on street and asphalts Amazon isn’t the first online retailer to suspend sales of suspicious hoverboards.

UK trading standards authorities have analyzed more than 17,000 hoverboards being dispatched into the nation at ports and air terminals and observed a large portion of them to be dangerous. Altogether 15,000 of the boards were seized as they were at danger of blasting or bursting into flames. Fire authorities have additionally cautioned that low quality hoverboards can be a flame hazard, because of broken electrical interfaces and charging points. London Fire Brigade made a request to people in general to just buy official versions of the hoverboards.

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