Amazon Private Brands Growth Driven by Apparel, Baby Care and Vitamins

While AmazonBasics dominates Amazon’s private brand sales, with  over $250M YTD or 85% of total private brands sales in the US, both its apparel label Lark & Ro and its baby care and vitamins brand Amazon Elements have grown 90% each YoY, with respective sales of approximately $5M and $10M. This according to a new report by eCommerce analytics firm One Click Retail.

AmazonBasics, now the #3 bestselling brand overall on, has 19 of the top 20 bestselling private brand items in the US. In Canada, it is the #2 brand overall with $12M YTD sales. In Europe, however, AmazonBasics is not as strong a competitor: in France, the label ranks 20th overall (€6M YTD), in Germany 28th (€18M YTD) and in the U.K. 30th (£15M YTD).

Beyond AmazonBasics

The remaining 15% of Amazon’s private brand sales are split among 45 different brands, of which the top product group is Apparel with $21M YTD sales. Women’s clothing line Lark & Ro dominated growth and sales with nearly $10M YTD and Amazon Essentials clothing sales have reached $3M so far this year; other Amazon apparel brands include Buttoned Down, Mae and Goodthreads.

The bestselling private label item outside of AmazonBasics is Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Sensitive, 480 Count which has earned $2.5M in sales YTD. Amazon Elements, which ranks third behind Huggies and Pampers in the Baby Wipes space, accounts for roughly $10M YTD sales.



With their recent acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon is also positioned to make a huge impact on the Grocery product group with the newly-acquired private brand 365 Everyday Value. In its first four weeks on Amazon, “365” sold over $1.6M across Pantry, Fresh, .com and Prime Now. The 4th week of sales saw the brand outselling Amazon’s #2 Amazon Elements. The brand now ranks #11 in first-party Grocery sales (including Fresh and Pantry) on Amazon.

Amazon’s other two private brands competing in the space are Happy Belly and Wickedly Prime, with roughly $5M and $800K in YTD sales. Both brands, however, focus on the snacks space—Happy Belly ranks #4 and Wickedly Prime ranks #65—and therefore do not compete significantly with the variety of 365 items within overall Grocery sales on Amazon.

“It’s too early to quantify the full impact of the Whole Foods acquisition, but it is clear Amazon will make a major impact,” explains One Click Retail CEO Spencer Millerberg. “What makes this Whole Foods-Amazon combination so powerful is (1) the treasure trove of data now accessible, (2) the resources to produce nearly 50 labels and counting, and (3) unparalleled operational execution that can release over 3000 products, 1 day after acquisition. Amazon sellers can learn a great deal about how to compete, simply by watching Amazon’s private brand strategy.”