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Amazon has an eye in supermarket, plans to expand its Food division


Grocery stores in UK would face a new challenge from an unexpected corner as the online titan Amazon has announced its plans to expand the pantry division.  Offering more than 4,000 branded foods and drink along with healthy and beauty products, the pantry division of Amazon instigated in November. Amazon expects to add more than 1000 products to the 4000 already available. A large ‘pantry box’ could be delivered to the shoppers doorsteps for a price of £2.99, Amazon UK chief Christopher North said. In the New Year the company is expected to include more stuff.

North refused to comment on the possible commencement of Amazon Fresh, the new food delivery service it operates in New York and the west shore of America. Amazon fresh has reportedly been trail tested in London earlier this year.

By extending the service Amazon is taking advantage of the growing pattern for online shopping.  This move has put more pressure on the big four and other traditional supermarkets, fighting for their existence in the region after discounters like Aldi and Lidl received huge acceptance.

Amazon had a record day on Black Friday, with 7.4 million orders contrasted to 5.5 million in 2014. Also, Prime’s one-hour delivery was also an achievement, North included.

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