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Amazon Go – A New Supermarket

Amazon has taken a step ahead to change the ways groceries are bought by opening first supermarket in the world without checkouts for shoppers on Monday. A number of camera’s and sensors are installed in order to identify and track customer’s along with the items selected by them. All the purchases are billed on cards while customers leave the supermarket.

Customers have to swipe their smartphone’s that have the Amazon Go app installed while they enter the supermarket. Here customer’s have the liberty to put the groceries directly into their shopping bag. However ID’s will be checked in case of alcohol purchase and no human interaction would be required.

Sensors detect and add items to the customer accounts and deduct as soon as they put it back, also electronic fee receipts are issued once they exit. Amazon Go invited employees for the online retail by the end of 2016 and was expecting inauguration earlier but certain problems in technology were detected.

However, Amazon yet has not confirmed whether they will be opening more Go stores and seems as if they do not have any plans of introducing this technology to a number to Whole Sale food Store’s. Retailers are aware of the fact that customer’s would be able to purchase more easily and faster.

Although the Amazon stores do not operate to spin the paper, a number of researches have indicated that that Amazon uses the technique primarily to raise brand awareness and promote its scheme of Prime membership as prime members tend to pay online prices at a number of stores.

Amazon has stated that it has a number of plans for expansion but they will take some time to come into effect.


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