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All Aboard Charity Shops Looks To Smart Technology After Spate of Break-Ins


All Aboard Charity Shops Looks To Smart Technology After Spate of Break-Ins

Hit by 7 Burglaries in Last 5 Months And Over £10,000 Loss All Aboard Adopts Verisure’s Latest Monitored Smart Alarm Technology

24 July 2018: UK Charity All Aboard has turned to smart alarms to prevent burglaries following a spate of break-ins since March 2018 which have left devastating consequences on the business and its staff.

“Charity shops are often seen as a soft target because they don’t usually have burglar alarms or only minimal security measures,” said Alan Haynes, CEO at All Aboard. “We’ve lost over £10,000 due to 7 break-ins and burglaries over the last 5 months. It’s not only incredibly frustrating to have to repeatedly repair shop fronts, to lose items donated for a worthy cause but it’s also extremely distressing for our staff and volunteers to regularly experience these attacks.”

Burglars have continued to target the shops despite the recent addition of CCTV systems in some of the stores. Concerned about the welfare of staff and volunteers and exasperated by having to continually divert hard earned funds raised by their shops and they have had to divert money ear marked for shop development and improvements to pay for the damage and repairs. Haynes and his team looked for other security alternatives.

“We started working with Verisure a couple of weeks ago and could immediately see how their monitored smart alarms and new ZeroVision fog device could help us put a stop to the break-ins,” continued Haynes. “Not only does the obvious presence of the Verisure system outside our shops act as a deterrent but also in the event of a break-in the burglar is faced with cameras and alarms ringing as well as the new ZeroVision alarm which expels a dense and bothersome fog, preventing the intruder from seeing. What’s more, Verisure’s guard service means that our team will no longer have the unfortunate and often distressing experience of being called out to a break-in.”

The ZeroVision Alarm is one of the most powerful and efficient technologies on the market designed to stop burglaries. Easy to install, wireless, user friendly and with a reduced size, the ZeroVision Alarm is grade 2 certified and accredited with the highest standard certifications in the industry.

“Experiencing a burglary is incredibly upsetting and more so when it happens more than once,” added Horacio Perez, Operations Director at Verisure UK. “Our security solutions don’t just deter intruders from entering premises in the first place but help businesses and home-owners alike to proactively protect their property because they are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. Now with the deployment of our smart alarms All Aboard will no longer be seen as a soft target and you can’t put a price on that kind of peace of mind.”


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