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Algeria: The largest Food export market in Africa

BY Riad Beladi

Our country is undoubtedly the second largest market for France. As a result, French companies expect a significant increase in exports to Algeria and at the edge of the year 2015. As long as these companies operate in the best ways of investment opportunities available to them this increase could be around 30 million euros, just for this period. Paris should not neglect the alternative Algerian especially that all efforts of the French authorities tend to extirpate Hexagon neck choke the crisis. In fact, Algeria, turns out to be in recent years, a strategic market for France, which is considered just as equal in importance as China, Brazil or India.
Forecasts Euler Hermes, subsidiary of Allianz group that protects and supports business development in France and abroad for more than 100 years, leaves appear that the French companies are more likely to export to Algeria, with the key to the ability to store a figure of EUR 30 million. According to the same organization, these companies have an incentive to invest and explore the Algerian market.
Thus, our country ranks high on the list of target countries for French exports. “While Germany, China and the United States pranced ahead of the countries covered in the two previous editions, this year the companies surveyed prefer their 2015 Brazil, Algeria, India, China the United Kingdom and Morocco. The largest export is now attracting more and more companies wanting to take advantage of growing needs in infrastructure and industrial equipment and consumer greedier every day in French brands, “says Ludovic Subran, chief economist at Euler Hermes. The challenge of the French for SME exporters to enter additional 30 billion euros; is double what was collected in 2014 that is to say, 15 billion euros. That said, in 2015, international demand addressed to France increase by 30 billion euros, an amount twice that of 2014.
A third of the amount would decrease the effects of the euro, the Euler Hermes economists consider sustainable. But it is mainly the improvement of the economic environment in major trading partners that play France and to a lesser extent an increase in the competitiveness of French companies, thanks to the tax credit and employment competitiveness pact responsibility . The sectors that benefit most from this increased external demand would industrial equipment, chemicals and food processing. Euler Hermes economists expect that foreign trade is expected to contribute 0.2% to the French growth in 2015, which they estimate at 0.8% after 0.4% in 2014 due to consumption and an investment that will remain timid.
The destination Algeria is now obvious to French companies, which expect the Algerian authorities to improve the economic environment and business climate. Sellal the government is working precisely and for some time, to make attractive Algerian market and overcome the dictates of hydrocarbons and the annuity. However, Euler Hermes emphasizes that the French export unit remains fragile with exporters rose slightly last year to 120,700 after 119,300 in 2012, but still far from the early 2000s (around 132,000) number and suffers comparison with Germany (250,000) and Italy (200,000). Overall, the flow of French exports to Algeria is expected to increase substantially during the year 2015. The study of the Eurl Hermes says. this regional organization interviewed 800 French exporters mid-year, mainly from SMEs and the industrial fabric, to determine their development strategies and operations abroad. In an environment of declining investment and sluggish consumption, export remains an important engine of growth of the French economy.

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