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Algeria, Polemic argument around the fate of 43 workers of the Cevital group


After the protest that collected hundreds of people in a big march in Béjaïa to force the group led by the Algerian billionaire Issad Rebrab to reintegrate them back to their positions.

“The majority of these 43 employees were recruited just at the beginning of the operation of the new plant located within the port enclosure. According to some accounts, these employees have been trained by the group for greater efficiency and economic profitability. For years, they worked hard, they almost lost their lives, like some of their colleagues in this company, “said Samir Larabi, a former journalist and an activist of the Socialist Workers Party (PST), one of the last parties of the Algerian left. On his Facebook page, Samir Larabi attacks severely the “supporters” of the businessman Issad Rebrab.

“These employees have been victims of abuse of power, naivety and breach of trust. They even took part in the support march to Cévital organized on December 11, 2018, in Béjaia “, explains the former spokesperson of the National Committee for the Defense of the Unemployed’s Rights.

Some voices defended the group saying that 43 workers were employed by a subcontracting company, called PRO-SMI specialized in maintenance.

In 2017 and 2018, the contract of subcontracting between the Cévital group and this private company is renewed, “but without the clause of reinstatement of these former employees of Cévital,” laments Samir who did not fail to recall that these workers first worked for Cévital before being entrusted to this private company.

The company has not given any explanation about the status of these workers.

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