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Aldi’s $5 wine wins big at Sydney International Wine Competition

aldiGerman discount supermarket chain ALDI is again in the headlines, for its price as always. Aldi’s $5 rose wine won the top spot at the Sydney International Wine Competition fighting against three times costlier competitors.

ALDI’s 2015 South Point rose won a pined for Blue Gold award and was among six victors in the rose area. Just 2,000 wines are allowed to enter the contest each year and the 2016 edition saw 269 wines receiving awards. ALDI’s South Point Estate emerged winner competing against five different roses all priced $ 15 more.

It was combined with Provençal grouped ravioli with light tomato sauce in the judges testing and was honored Blue-Gold. Alternate champs in the rose classification incorporate, Matua Wines Squealing Pig Central Otago Pinot Noir Rose has an RRP of $22, Longview Vineyard Boat Shed Nebbiolo Rosata 2015 is priced at $20, Ara Wines Single Estate Pinot Noir Rose 2015 is worth $19.

ALDI’s buying director Jason Bowyer was applauded for his comprehension of the wine market and palette by judge Warran Mason. The judge praised him saying that the company has got clear strategy and the buying directors decision was right. The best thing about the wine is that it can be sold for less than $10, which makes this a clear cost effective choice.

Mr Bowyer, has been ALDI’s purchasing executive for a long time, and is excited the wines he has been sourcing are winning honors. He thanked his Australian suppliers for the wines they produced. The rose wasn’t the lone wine to get a the award, ALDI’s Tudor Central Victorian Shiraz 2014 was delegated one of the Best Lighter Bodied Dry Red, just like the Blackstone Paddock won the ‘The Player’ Shiraz award.

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