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Aldi’s £4.99 16oz ‘big Daddy’ Delivers a Hat Trick Following Sell Out Success

On Thursday 19th October, discount supermarket Aldi is bringing back the headline grabbing 16oz ‘Big Daddy’ Extra Thick Rump Steak. The 21-day matured steak is the biggest pre-packaged rump available from any supermarket and costs only £4.99.

The huge cut of meat is 100g heavier yet 20% cheaper than Tesco’s Finest Rump Steak 350g*, which costs £5.95!

Julie Ashfield, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK, said: “The 16oz ‘Big Daddy’ Extra Thick Rump Steak has been a customer favourite since it first launched earlier this year and we’re delighted to bring it back as a Specialbuy once again.”

Don’t know your rump from your ribeye?

The rump is made up of several different muscles. It is a lean steak with a great texture and rich flavour. It is best served thick-cut and cooked over a very high heat, with a generous resting time.

Pick up some quick and easy steak accompaniments to add some colour to your steak plate. From 12th October (until October 26th), the following vegetables are on Super Six deal:

Carrots – £0.39 – Was £0.44 (1kg)

Baby Potatoes – £0.59 – Was £0.85 (1kg)

Parsnips – £0.39 – Was £0.67 (600g)

Leeks – £0.59 – Was £0.75 (500g)

Onions – £0.39 – Was £0.55 (1kg)

Large Flat Mushrooms – £0.59 – Was £0.79 (250g)

Also, look out for the other great meat deals in store this week (approved):

  • Specially Selected Picancha Burger – £2.69 (340g)
  • Lemon and Herb Cod Goujons – £1.69 (200g)
  • Ready to Cook Mexican Chilli Chicken with Nacho Crumb – £2.99 (369g)
  • Greek Style Gyros Pork Strips with Creamy Garlic Sauce and Tangy Chilli Sauce – £2.49 (380g)
  • Chicken Sausages – £1.99 (350g)

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