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Aldi wants to expand its Scottish Business in 2016

aldiAldi has made arrangement to expand its Scottish business as it move forward with 2016 growth policies.  Over the following 12 months the German retailer chain is set to open a further 8 stores bringing total Scottish stores to 72. Aldi expand its capital investment in Scottish store portfolio by more than 40% in the previous three years and the 2016 project will just add to this. Since 2012,  the number of employees in Scottish area increased by 200% and is expected to reach around 2500.

In addition to open up new stores and jobs , Aldi will continue to produce its series of Scottish sourced products. Since 2013, aldi expand its Scottish line products by 30% and by the end of the present year it will increase it by a further 10% bringing about an item range which speaks to 30% of the Scottish deals value.

In previous year alone Aldi declared a substantial supplier deals in Scotland, including :

  • A £250,000 contract with Montrose-based Stirfresh to supply new ready to-cook vegetables
  • An arrangement with Campbells of Linlithgow to give more than 140,000 Scottish salmon filets
  • A six figure manage Dean’s of Huntly to supply stores the nation over with shortbread and oat biscuit selections
  • A £50,000 contract with Ayrshire-based Skinni Foods to supply health conscious burgers, sausages  and black pudding.

At the beginning of 2015 Aldi carried out a nationwide competition to find Scotland’s Next Top Product to give Scottish industries   a chance to secure their first significant general store listing. From a 100 entries  Aldi selected Orkney Caramel Shortbread from Argo’s Bakery as the winner. The 12-month listing is evaluated to be worth more than £175,000 to the Orkney-based business.

Richard Holloway, Managing Director of Aldi in Scotland, said that, Aldi’s working model in Scotland has always been deal with the best local producers to avail top quality products to our clients at a low coasts. In the year ahead, we need to develop associations with existing suppliers and develop new ones as well-

As Aldi is gaining its popularity across UK, and Scotland is a critical example of overcoming adversity in its own privilege. We ‘re holding our new customers and attract new customers because of the quality and  value of the product that we offer. With new stores opening this year , we are anticipating to allow more people to switch to Aldi  and save more money in their weekly shopping.

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