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Germany, Aldi is taking the lead by throwing out plastic products of their shelves


Aldi Nord and Süd are setting a good example and throw plastic products out of the assortment, report various media. Thus, the two discounters implement a new EU rule, which should take effect only from 2021. Then no disposable plastic can be sold in Europe: straws, cotton swabs and plastic dishes – all this is then banned.

Aldi Nord and Süd are already starting in 2019 on a greener sales policy and ban disposable cups, reported the “Rheinische Post”. “Disposable plastic should disappear from the shelves or be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives,” according to Aldi Süd.

The supermarket chains Rewe and Edeka have also announced that they will be taking plastic dishes and disposable straws out of their assortment. This also applies to the discounter Netto, which belongs to the Edeka Group. Rewe wants to make the move by 2020. Products made from renewable raw materials, such as bamboo crockery or apple straws will be relied on.

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