German discounter Aldi is expected to outdo Co-op to become the fifth largest supermarket in the UK as its total sales has increased two fold during the last four years. According to recent research figures from market analyst Kantar around 6 percent of total shoppers in the UK prefer Aldi over other chains for their food. Aldi now only trails behind the Big four supermarkets – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons.

Aldi witnessed a prosperous holiday season apart from positing an estimated £8.5 billion sales during last year, which was twice the figure the company recorded four years back.

Bryan Roberts, at retail marketing consultancy TCC Global, said: ‘Aldi and its German rival Lidl have shaken up the UK grocery sector, helped in no small part by the weaker economic environment. ‘Aldi’s latest growth is testament to the huge improvement it has made in its range and stores in the past two years, which has been warmly received by less affluent and middle-class shoppers alike.’

Industry experts believe Aldi should not move away from its successful formula of retailing through discount stores. But recently Aldi launched some bigger stores with more products in the UK, which according to many was mimicking the Big Four supermarkets.

Aldi plans to open its 700th store in the UK this month, with having opened 200 shops in the country during last three years.

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