The German based supermarket retailer is doing its best to raise its share and join “The Big Four”, this adventure is not impossible, yet, not easy especially that the giant retailers are paying much efforts to remain at the top of the list of the British market .

Aldi has been attempting since the first quarter of 2017 to raise its share of the total grocers , and indeed it is moving with steady steps towers the top .
it may seem early to say that , but reaching more than 7% in less than two years is never the easy thing in a market controlled by allied giant retailers such as Asda ,Salisbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons .

In an interview with Aldi Frederick Division Vice President JeffBaehr when he was asked about the top selling Aldi items he Answered :
« As a privately held company, we don’t share specific sales figures publicly, but what I can tell you is we’ve doubled our sales in the past five years and plan to double them again over the next five years. We’ve experienced strong sales growth in categories like produce, fresh meat and organic foods ».
he Added :
« Each week, we also offer nearly 100 new, unique products called Aldi Finds. Aldi Finds are premium food and household items in stores for a limited time, and the product themes usually vary based on the season. Aldi shoppers absolutely love coming in-store each week and checking out the new items in the Aldi Finds aisle ».
This may give an idea about how Aldi is looking at the whole thing .

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