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Aldi surprises customers with a new concept – these are the changes

The discount giant Aldi is testing a new concept: Customers can now shop at the smallest Aldi in the world. And not only the store size differs compared to normal Aldi stores.

A miniature Aldi in the middle of a train station in Lausanne, Switzerland, Aldi Suisse is trying to establish this new concept. The smallest Aldi branch in the world opened in December in the city on Lake Geneva. At just 240 square meters, customers will find no more than 1000 items.

By comparison, normal Aldi stores are about four times the size of the newly opened mini-store. Only in Frankfurt there is already an Aldi, which is about 500 square meters. Originally intended as a stopgap, was already in February last year in the conversation that the small Aldi in Frankfurt pioneer for a new concept of the retailer .

The Mini-Aldi is open daily from 5:30 to midnight, customers can shop daily in the smallest Aldi in the world – and even on Saturday and Sunday, although in Switzerland just as strict shop opening hours apply as in this country. The product range of the new Mini-Aldi focuses primarily on private labels and foods that customers need most in everyday life. For example, tea, coffee, mineral water and fresh fruits and vegetables can be found on the store.


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