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Aldi Süd in big trouble after it named a firecracker Paris


The wick is lit on Twitter after the German discounter Aldi propelled its new batch of firecrackers ahead of New Year. One of the models of rockets sold for New Year in its stores is named as “Paris”, which for many relates directly to the deadly attacks that struck the French capital six weeks before.

German news site Meedia media called Aldi’s initiate a “False way of marketing” while Huffington Post said it was “bad taste” and Die Welt commented at this as “Aldi to shame.”  The German media were not soft in their online editions as well. A spokesman for the discounter, interviewed by the German news agency DPA, has expressed his “surprise” at these reactions, explaining that the firecrackers and fireworks are particularly fond during this period of the year. And moreover these products were produced months in advance.

The company said the production of the “Paris” began in February, well before the attacks in November 13 that killed 130 people in Paris, and shocked the world. Many celebrate New Year by lighting firecrackers and flares galore on the evening of December 31. The sale of these products is strictly regulated and only takes place during the three days before Christmas Eve.

Last year the Germans spent € 129 million for their pyrotechnic accessories for New Year’s Eve, while this year the sector’s turnover is expected to be steady as well.

Aldi is the pioneer of discount food, always very popular with Germans. The family business reportedly split into two years ago: Aldi Süd has a stranglehold on the south and west of the country, Aldi Nord in the north and east. Rockets “Paris” is only sold in stores Aldi Süd.

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