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Aldi Süd calls for design contest


Aldi Süd has announced a design contest on social media site Facebook seeking a new packaging design for its energy drink. The Contest conducted under the motto “Street Style”, aims to get a fresh packaging design for the energy drink “Riv’n”. For each of the three flavors users can submit their design proposal until March 18. In summer Aldi Süd will offer the drink with the winning designs as its packaging design.

One can create the designs based on the flavours which the company calls “Street”, “emotion”, “Natural” and “Basic”. There are as many as twelve backgrounds and 48 illustrations available for those who want to create the packaging designs. The winning designs, which could be more than 10,000 variants, would be marked in the can with the creators name included. Kirsten Gess, Head of Communications of Aldi said that the company is looking forward for the client participation to enhance its product. 

With a similar Facebook campaign Aldi Süd had already gained good experience in 2014. The discounter has on Facebook more than 460,000 followers. From the draft a jury will select the ten best packaging designs and makes them available to fans on Facebook for voting . The community finally decides between 24 to 31 March 2016 the three winners. The winner would be awarded a trip to New York. The city provided the inspiration for the name of the energy drink “Riv’n”.  Rivington Street is famous street artists who immortalize their works.

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