Aldi starts accepting credit cards

15570967-mmmainDiscounter supermarket chain Aldi has started accepting credit cards in its US stores starting March 1st. Aldi announced that it would accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express credit cards in all of its stores crosswise U.S allowing its 30 million monthly shoppers to purchase their groceries from the budget store using credit cards.

The discount retailer expects this move to bring more easiness and convenience to the customers. ALDI CEO Jason Hart saids: “We care about being able to make our customers’ shopping experiences simpler and better every time they come to see us, and offering them the convenience of using their credit cards will help us do just that.” He also included that the prices will not be affected by the new decision of accepting credit cards.

The new move will also let debit card users to use their cards for transaction. When prompted they would have to hit “Enter” button and their card pin. The German discounter has multiple gluten-free options, USDA Choice and “Never Any!” meats, dairy items, baked goods and more. Aldi also offers a wide assortment of organic and MSG-free foods without artificial colors and partially hydrogenated oils.

“One thing that will never change at ALDI is our unmatched shopping experience,” Hart said. “Our customers will continue to save money on the high-quality groceries they buy the most.” ALDI is known for its overhead cost-saving strategies, such as a shopping cart “rental” system, smaller store footprint, open cart displays and bring-your-own-shopping bag initiative. Aldi expects to open around 2000 stores crosswise U.S. by the end of 2018.